Magical Octagon Barn Wedding | Sydney and Sachin

The Love Story Step into the enchanting love story of Sydney and Sachin, whose Octagon Barn wedding reads like a script from a romantic comedy. After crossing paths in college, fate orchestrated their reunion at a mutual friend’s birthday party, where Sydney, initially reluctant to attend, found herself at the epicenter of a life-altering encounter. […]

Enchanting Cass Winery Wedding | Alexa & Zach

bride and groom

Alexa and Zach’s romantic Cass Winery wedding wasn’t just heartwarming; it was incredibly personal. I am thrilled to share the touching story of Alexa and Zach, a dynamic couple who exchanged vows in the charming city of Paso Robles. As their wedding planner, I had the honor of witnessing and orchestrating their romantic celebration amidst […]