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I’m thrilled to share the remarkable Sangeet celebration I had the privilege of coordinating for Sydney and Sachin in the picturesque city of San Luis Obispo. This Friday night was brimming with vibrant colors and unforgettable moments at the historic Monday Club. Established in 1925, The Monday Club boasts a rich history of supporting local charitable causes for women and children. The building, designed by renowned architect Julia Morgan, showcases a garden gazebo and is adorned with enchanting Chinese lanterns that illuminate the great room. Join me on an enchanting journey through Sydney and Sachin’s Sangeet, where culture and tradition seamlessly merge to create an unforgettable evening.

Colors that Mesmerized

The color palette for the evening was nothing short of breathtaking, featuring vivid hues of yellow, orange, purple, and various shades of green. These colors were thoughtfully selected to mirror the couple’s vibrant personalities and their desire to craft an ambiance that was both warm and exhilarating.

Elegance in Attire

Sydney looked absolutely stunning in her exquisite turquoise sari, radiating elegance and grace. Sachin was her perfect match, donning a Kurta Bundi set that beautifully complemented her attire. Their outfits not only looked incredible but also held deep significance, symbolizing the harmonious union between them.

Delightful Sangeet Flavors

One of the highlights of the evening was the mouthwatering array of food and beverage options. Traditional Sangeet food carts served up a delightful fusion of flavors, including dosa with an assortment of chutneys, samosa chat, and Chinese bhel. And for dessert? Assorted halwa and matka kulfi that left everyone’s taste buds dancing with joy. But the culinary adventure didn’t stop there! Handcrafted cocktails like the tamarind-infused margarita and the Mumbai mule, a playful twist on the classic Moscow mule, added a refreshing spin to the celebration.

Family Traditions and Blessings

Family played a significant role throughout the evening. The Baraat, a lively and joyous procession, was welcomed by the bride’s family in a traditional ritual known as “milni.” This heartwarming moment unfolded at the entrance of The Monday Club, where the two families met. Sydney’s mother added a special touch by applying a “tilak” (ceremonial red dot) to Sachin’s forehead and performing an “aarti,” a ritual to ward off evil and bestow blessings upon the union.

Energetic Sangeet Dance Performances

As we all know, Sangeet dancing is the lifeblood of an Indian wedding. This evening featured six lively dance performances, captivating both family and guests. Sydney and Sachin, the stars of the night, commenced the group dances with a meticulously choreographed routine they had been rehearsing for months. The song they selected for their performance was a dynamic remix, blending Pasoori x Calm Down with Sadi Gali. And then Sachin’s mother, Pallavi, performed a solo dance to the song ‘Chanda Hai Tu,’ which means ‘You are my moon.’ The song’s chorus goes:

‘My moon is you, my sun is you,

You are the twinkle of my eyes.

I cherish my life looking at you.

You are the one who ties all my hopes together,

You are that beautiful dream for me.

A gentle breeze flows through the forest,

Birds fly in a garden full of flowers.

By God’s grace, when you grow up, you fly in the deep sky as a cloud.

Whosoever notices you will express, ‘Who is your honorable mother.’

Mehndi Magic

One of the most enchanting moments of the evening was when Sydney had her henna applied. Mehndi, also known as henna, holds a special place in Indian wedding traditions, symbolizing positive spirits and good luck. It is customary to hold a Mehndi ceremony the night before the wedding to wish the bride good health and prosperity on her journey into marriage. The intricate designs and the symbolism behind them added a touch of magic to Sydney’s preparations for the big day.

A Tapestry of Love, Laughter, and Cherished Moments

Sydney and Sachin’s Sangeet was a true reflection of their personalities and love story. It was a night filled with vibrant memories, high-energy dancing, and the embrace of family and tradition. I couldn’t have been happier to be a part of their special celebration, and I hope this glimpse into their Sangeet has brought a smile to your face, just as it did to all of us who were fortunate to be there. Here’s to love, laughter, and unforgettable moments!

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Client Testimonial

Sachin and I had the pleasure of working with Candice planning two events for our wedding weekend: the Sangeet was a traditional Indian event and the wedding itself. We were thoroughly impressed with her ability to listen and transform our thoughts and ideas into reality. She always offered great advice and input when we had questions. She consistently went above and beyond making herself available to meet via zoom or in person when needed. Candice had a schedule and made sure that we were always on top of it so that both events ran smoothly. In addition, on the day of the Sangeet SLO was unexpectedly in a heat wave; she and her staff made an extra trip to ensure our event had enough water and ice for our guests. This is just a small example of her detail-oriented nature throughout the planning process. I think what initially drew us to choosing Candice was her easygoing nature and down-to-earth personality. We instantly hit it off and over the year of planning the wedding she has become a friend to us and our families. We both would without hesitation recommend her to anyone getting married and looking for a planner.


COORDINATION: @heydayweddings
VENUE: @mondayclubevents
RENTALS & DECOR: @kumbaent
PHOTOGRAPHY: @clair_images
BEAUTY: @glamorized_henna
CATERING: @rasraj.foods
STAFFING: @behindthescenes_staffing
BAR: @mixedevents805
SIGNAGE: @roseandwrench

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