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The Love Story

Step into the enchanting love story of Sydney and Sachin, whose Octagon Barn wedding reads like a script from a romantic comedy. After crossing paths in college, fate orchestrated their reunion at a mutual friend’s birthday party, where Sydney, initially reluctant to attend, found herself at the epicenter of a life-altering encounter. Little did she know that this ordinary evening would lay the foundation for a remarkable love story. Thanks to the persuasive charm of Sydney’s best friend, the sparks flew, leading to their first date—a Lakers basketball game that set the stage for an exhilarating journey together.

The Proposal

Now, let’s talk about that heart-melting proposal. Sachin had been meticulously planning the moment for some time. Living in the bustling heart of NYC, he’d already sought Sydney’s parents’ blessing over a Zoom call, and eventually, he had the perfect ring in hand, thanks to his mother’s guidance. In a thoughtful gesture, Sachin’s preparations culminated in a surprise proposal in Central Park, one of their favorite spots. The scenic pond on the Upper East Side served as the backdrop, and with family members discreetly capturing the moment, Sachin popped the question. Sydney was taken aback, but of course, she said YES!

A Hometown Haven for a Meaningful Wedding

The couple chose the iconic Octagon Barn in San Luis Obispo as their wedding venue. This historic gem is a unique landmark that holds special meaning for Sydney, as it is located in her hometown. The cultural significance of this location perfectly complemented the couple’s vision for their big day.

A Palette of Warmth

Sydney and Sachin’s wedding showcased the vibrant colors of fall, with burnt oranges and sage greens setting the tone for their October celebration. These hues beautifully complemented the autumnal vibe and created a warm and inviting atmosphere. Family-Centric traditions.

A Wedding Blend of Indian and Western Traditions

Their wedding day seamlessly blended Indian and Western traditions, creating a beautiful fusion of cultures. Sydney’s brother officiated the American portion, and Sachin’s stepfather led the Hindu ceremony. This harmonious mix featured unique rituals such as the “Seven Steps,” symbolizing the seven vows taken during an Indian wedding, and the garland exchange, a customary element marking the transition from unmarried to married life.

A Symphony of Love in Every Word

In the tapestry of their wedding day, the couple’s family and friends took center stage, playing pivotal roles that enriched the celebration. Their heartfelt contributions included not only heartwarming poems and readings but also an abundance of love that added a profoundly personal touch to every moment.

Memorable Decor

Highlighting the breathtaking decor of the celebration, one exceptional element that stole the show was the meticulously adorned mandap. This elegant structure, serving as the altar in Indian weddings, featured pillars draped in vibrant orange marigold florals, creating a mesmerizing centerpiece for the ceremony. The mandap holds special significance as it’s the sacred space where guests and family come together to witness the beautiful union of the couple. What makes this mandap even more remarkable is the heartfelt touch – it was handcrafted by Sydney’s dad, adding a unique and personal dimension to the celebration.

A Dazzling First Dance

One of the most unforgettable moments of the day was Sydney and Sachin’s first dance. Held beneath the twinkling lights and hanging rattan pendants of the stunning barn, it was a mesmerizing sight. The song choice, “Love You for a Long Time” by Maggie Rogers featuring Sam Gendel and Sam Wilkes, added a touch of magic to this heartwarming moment.

The Wedding Planner’s Unique Touch

Being a part of Sydney and Sachin’s special day as their wedding planner was an absolute delight. They chose to work with me because of my warm and friendly demeanor, and from our very first meeting, we felt that instant connection. I was honored to help bring their dream wedding to life.

A Celebration of Love at The Octagon Barn

Sydney and Sachin’s wedding was a cultural celebration filled with warmth, love, and unforgettable moments. The Octagon Barn served as the perfect backdrop to their love story, and their choice of colors and decor elements created an inviting atmosphere. With family traditions, heartfelt readings, and a dazzling first dance, this day was a true reflection of their love and connection. Congratulations to the happy couple, and may your journey together be as beautiful as your wedding day!

Client Testimonial

Sachin and I had the pleasure of working with Candice planning two events for our wedding weekend: the Sangeet was a traditional Indian event and the wedding itself. We were thoroughly impressed with her ability to listen and transform our thoughts and ideas into reality. She always offered great advice and input when we had questions. She consistently went above and beyond making herself available to meet via zoom or in person when needed. Candice had a schedule and made sure that we were always on top of it so that both events ran smoothly. In addition, on the day of the Sangeet SLO was unexpectedly in a heat wave; she and her staff made an extra trip to ensure our event had enough water and ice for our guests. This is just a small example of her detail-oriented nature throughout the planning process. I think what initially drew us to choosing Candice was her easygoing nature and down-to-earth personality. We instantly hit it off and over the year of planning the wedding she has become a friend to us and our families. We both would without hesitation recommend her to anyone getting married and looking for a planner.


PLANNING & DESIGN: Heyday Weddings & Events 


VENUE: The Octagon Barn

RENTALS: All About Events


FLORALS: Open Air Flowers

BEAUTY: Anna Lent

DRESS: Moondance Bridal

DRAPING & LIGHTING: Draping by Kim

BAR: Mixed Events 805

DESSERT: Bris Sweet Retreat

SIGNAGE: Rose and Wrench


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