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As a dedicated wedding planner, I had the privilege of witnessing and orchestrating the celebration of pure joy that was Abbie and Colin’s La Cuesta Ranch wedding.

Love stories, with their enchanting twists and turns, often hold the power to weave the threads of people’s lives in the most beautiful ways. Abbie and Colin’s journey, from college sweethearts to a serendipitous reunion, serves as a heartwarming testament to this phenomenon. 

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The Love Story

Abbie and Colin’s paths initially crossed during their time at Chico State. Fate brought them together through Colin’s roommate, Charles, who is now Abbie’s brother-in-law. They briefly dated during Colin’s last year of college, but it wasn’t until years later, at Charles and Katie’s wedding, that they realized their connection was undeniable. From that moment, they knew they were destined to be together, and their love story truly began!

The Proposal

Picture this—a heartwarming birthday party for Colin, filled with excitement and love. Abbie was busy preparing for the celebration, surrounded by family, when suddenly, Colin embraced her with the most incredible hug. As he pulled away, he dropped to one knee, capturing everyone’s attention. With a calm and collected demeanor, Colin asked Abbie to spend forever with him. The room erupted in joyful celebration, transforming the birthday festivities into an unforgettable engagement party!

Exploring the Wedding Spaces at La Cuesta Ranch

La Cuesta Ranch, nestled in the breathtaking hills of San Luis Obispo, provided the perfect backdrop for Abbie and Colin’s heartfelt vows and lively celebration. The couple fell in love with the ceremony space and the majestic oak tree, where they would exchange their promises of love and devotion. The rustic charm of the historic barn and the venue’s intimate atmosphere captured their hearts and perfectly embodied their vision.

The Feel

As the summer sun graced their wedding day, love was in the air. The picturesque weather, coupled with vibrant wildflowers in full bloom, painted a beautiful backdrop for their celebration. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement, joy, and a sense of togetherness.

Fashion & Color Palette

Abbie exuded elegance in her beautiful wedding gown, and Colin looked dashing in his well-fitted suit that harmonized seamlessly with the rustic setting. The bridesmaids’ floral-print dresses, each unique in its own way, captured the lively atmosphere of the day, infusing the celebration with energy. The color scheme resonated with the summer season, featuring an array of blues that blended gracefully with playful floral patterns.

Personal Touches and Special Moments

Family played a significant role in their celebration. Abbie walked down the aisle, hand in hand with her mother, creating a heartwarming and emotional moment that left tears of joy flowing. It was a beautiful testament to the deep love and connection shared within their families. 

Abbie and Colin incorporated their passions and personal history into their wedding day, infusing it with unique touches. As an avid hunter, Colin’s passion was honored as they cut their wedding cake with a hunting knife, symbolizing his love for the outdoors. Additionally, a stunning photo tree displayed their cherished memories together, evoking nostalgia and showcasing their journey leading up to their special day.

Golden Hues and Coastal Romance

As the day progressed, the sun began its descent, painting the sky with hues of gold and the fog began to roll over the coastal ridge. These magical sunset photos became a treasured memory, forever immortalizing the beauty and romance of their special day.

Our Journey Together

As their trusted San Luis Obispo Wedding Planner, I had the pleasure of joining Abbie and Colin on their journey to create an extraordinary day. From the moment we met, I understood their vision and became a part of their adventure. Together, we curated a memorable experience, ensuring every detail was meticulously planned and executed. The trust they placed in me was an absolute honor and I am grateful for the laughter, joy, and shared memories.

Abbie and Colin’s wedding day was a true celebration of love. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness and countless new adventures as they journey together!

Client Testimonial

Our wedding coordinator was one of the last vendors that we booked for our wedding. Not because it wasn’t important to us, but because it was incredibly important that we found someone who understood our vision and could not only complement but enhance everything we had imagined for our big day. This person was not just going to communicate with vendors or create a wedding timeline, they were going to be an integral part of the most intimate and special day of our lives. From the moment we met Candice, we knew she was our girl. She is organized, professional, smart, and above all, kind and compassionate. Every step of the way, she provided guidance, insight, and solutions, while also being light, enjoyable, and fun. She took care of details I didn’t even know existed and we laughed a lot along the way. We are grateful our wedding coordinator search led us to Candice. She was an absolute dream to work with, our vendors loved her, and she made it possible for us to have the most spectacular day of our lives.


PLANNING & COORDINATION: Heyday Weddings & Events

VENUE: La Cuesta Ranch, San Luis Obispo

PHOTOGRAPHY: Montana Dennis Photography

CINEMA: Matrimony Films

FLORALS: Clover & Branch

HAIR: @stylesstayingold

MAKEUP: @nikki__nikki__nikki

CATERING: @philscateringcentralcoast

RENTALS: @slopartyrentals

BAR: @mixedevents805

DESSERT: @splashcafe

LIVE MUSIC/DJ/MC: @comealiveentertainment

ACCOMMODATIONS: @slobrewlofts

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